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CryoPen Skin Lesion Cryotherapy Treatments for Him & Her

The CryoPen is a safe an effective treatment for: Skin tags, Solar Lentigo, Age Spots, Millia, Warts, Cherry angioma, Viral Verrucae on the hands, face and décolletage. It is directly and precisely applied to the skin lesion, liquefied nitrous oxide is then released leading to a deep and rapid freeze of the treatment area. The Cryotherapy treatment is available to all, from children to adults. Little to no skin preparation is needed; the treatment is quick with no aftercare required.

During the treatment

As the area freezes, it turns white. After a few seconds this thaws, a flushing occurs and the area will turn red. You may feel a pinching sensation as a weal is formed and itching from a histamine reaction. The treatment provides a long, deep freeze resulting in a more effective treatment, with fewer repeat visits. Within approximately 3 to 4 days you will notice a change in the treated area, between the seventh and tenth day the skin lesion should shed. Healing will then begin, after 3 weeks optimum results will be seen. The lesion will be completely healed in 2 to 6 weeks. After primary healing occurs, the area will be lighter than the surrounding skin and will take some time to re-pigment.

What we cannot treat:

Moles - coloured and non-coloured
Sebaceous cysts, undiagnosed lumps and bumps.
With GP letter we might be able to treat seborrheic keratosis (old man’s wart) otherwise we cannot treat.
Also people with diabetes would need GP letter for any type of treatment with the Cryopen.


CryoPen Skin Lesion Cryotherapy

Prices are dependant on the size of the lesion/blemish. However a rough guide is detailed below


Up to 5 Lesions or Tags (each less than 10mm)



2nd treatment (if req'd)



One Wart or Verruca



Additional blemishes/
Subsequent treatments



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