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Photon Light Therapy for Him & Her

LED Photon Light Therapy

The non-invasive Photon Skin Rejuvenation therapy hand piece effectively and painlessly treats the face and body. Helping with imperfections, such as stretch marks, pigmentation lines and wrinkles, acne and scar tissue. The hand piece also includes a unique wrinkle comb that combines the healing and rejuvenation properties of the red and blue LED light and a safe and effective micro current that plumps out the skin by actively stimulating the clients collagen and elastin production. The effect of this Photon Light Skin Rejuvination Treatment is to soften lines and wrinkles providing a non–invasive alternative to surgical face lifts, collagen injections and other dermal fillers. Can be used for correcting imperfections such as:-

Stretch marks
Lines and wrinkles
Acne Rosacea
Melanin production
Reduce hyper pigmentation
Providing healing and rejuvenation to the skin
Scar tissue
Sebaceous cysts
Minimises redness and irritation
Improve de-congestion


20 mins


30 mins

photon light skin rejuvination therapy

Hair Restoration/Rejuvenation - Photon Light Therapy

Red photon light at 635nm penetrates into the cell at the exact depth causing cell division and rejuvenation. This is caused by an increase in adenosine triosphate or ATP within the cell. ATP is the energy generated and released by Mitochondria that keeps cells and indeed us alive, just like a car battery. As long as ATP is present, there is energy or power, where there is energy there is life. In 100% of cases a thickening and improving of the hair has been witnessed.

Hair Restoration red photon light therapy will absolutely not bring a dead cell back to life, but it will prolong the life and increase the growth of existing follicles. As long as there is hair in place, no matter how fine, there is life in the cell and is treatable. Trials have shown thickening and rapid growth and a strengthening of hair which slows down the process, be it chemical or hormonal.

I believe red light hair restoration therapy can literally slow down the ageing process like no other treatment. There is now no reason to hurt our bodies with invasive injections or procedures, the answer is contained in light energy.It is safe and effective during or after Chemotherapy and works on both Alopecia and Male or Female baldness. If you have any queries please visit our 'Frequently Asked Questions' page.


Course of Sessions (30 mins each)


Additional Sessions

photon light hair restoration therapy

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