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Gerards Facials for Him & Her

Gerard’s luxury spa skincare from Italy uses the finest natural ingredients and therapy techniques to enhance beauty and wellbeing.

Gerard’s journey began in 1969 when Gerard’s founder Dr Gerardo Barbieri, a naturalist and chemist, discovered that nature is the best provider of ingredients for skincare.

Gerard’s facial treatments are all about delivering solutions for every skin type and condition. Nothing can be left to chance which is why Gerard’s has created a complete range of highly targeted treatments to deliver visible results. Our facial treatments incorporate the latest anti-ageing formulas, unique techniques and pro-active natural ingredients including pure cocoa, caviar, soy and peat.

Gerard’s prescriptive Facials provide a complete package of products tailored to suit your skin type and condition to treat specific concerns and bring optimum results. All facials from the Prescriptive range include a deep cleansing treatment, combining exfoliation, a unique massage and relaxing mask.



Gerard’s Mini Facial – All skin types

For busy people who want to feel pampered and maintain a healthy complexion. (No massage with this facial) (½ hr)



Sensydra Prescriptive Facial

A moisturizing and soothing facial for all skin types including normal, sensitive, delicate, high coloured skin in which broken capillaries may be present and a dry and thirsty skin. The active ingredients will help capillary fragility, strengthen skin and create an anti oxidizing system to reduce premature ageing, and also re-mineralise, balance and nourish a dehydrated skin. Skin will appear calmer, hydrated, with redness reduced and more youthful. (1 hr)



Re-Balance Prescriptive Facial

For oily to combination skin with visible pores and shiny areas. This facial combines the key ingredients of apple, horsetail and nettle to rebalance the PH levels. A deep cleansing facial combining exfoliation, a unique massage and a relaxing mask that will give your skin healthy, fresh look and leave the skins surface smooth with a matt finish. (1 hr)



Purity Prescriptive Facial

This is recommended for clients that suffer from congestion on the skin and blocked pores. With the use of the powerful active ingredients skin will be rebalanced and cleansed. This facial will boost the repairing process of the skin to promote new skin. Larger pores will appear refined. Breakouts will be calmed and treated by the natural properties that have an astringent and healing action. (1 hr)


For all of the prescriptive facials it is recommended that 1 facial a week for 4 weeks and then once a month as maintenance.



Vitaminic Mask Facial

Treat the skin to our potent intensive vitamin cocktail mask and fee it with essential vitamins A, C and E to repair, calm and re-energise. This is the ultimate boost for your skin when you are feeling run down and stressed on the inside, also suitable for skin prone to acne and sensitivity. It is recommended that you have 2 treatments a week for 3 weeks, then maintenance once a month. (1 hr)




Other Facials

All facials include a deep, relaxing massage of the face, neck, chest, shoulders, upper arms & upper back.



Natural Matricol® Collagen – Anti-ageing & hydrating

For dehydrated skin & all skin showing expression lines. Offers intense rehydration, proven wrinkle reduction & the skins natural collagen production is triggered. (Recommended sequence: A course of 3-5 Treatments at weekly or fortnightly intervals)



For all of the prescriptive facials it is recommended that 1 facial a week for 4 weeks and then once a month as maintenance.

Crystal Clear Choices Facials for Him & Her

As the name suggests, you choose a facial to suit your needs. No machines, just totally ‘hands on’ treatments using the professional range of Crystal Clear skincare products. The skincare range has been developed over the years by leading French dermatologists, using non-genetically modified ingredients and is also clinically proven. Crystal Clear does not advocate the use of animals to test on.



The Starter (40 mins)


This is an excellent choice as a ‘first time’ facial for those clients who need a quick ‘skin fix’ prior to a party. The skin is gently cleansed and exfoliated before applying a relaxing and hydrating mask. Finished with an application of protective moisturiser.



Pro-Active Acne (40 mins)


An excellent treatment for the management of acne prone skin. Reduces the inflammation and diminishes bacteria to improve the acne condition.



The Skin Treatment for men (1 hr)


Daily shaving can strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to dryness, sensitivity and premature aging. This facial soothes and nourishes the skin, leaving a smoother and more supple texture. Includes relaxing back massage, exfoliation and Mini Lift Face Mask.

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